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Wilcom Advanced Video Tutorial & Training| Converting objects to a single run
This video tutorial with Wilcom DS & ES will show you tricks & short cuts in Wilcom DecoStudio e1.5 & Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e1.5. Teach you how to create a single run stitches from Double Run, Triple Run & Satin Line that was created from the Graphic Mode. Also tells you when a line object width (Points, Metric & US measurements) is converted from Run Stitches, Satin Stitches and Tatami Stitch. Wilcom products are easy to use if you know how to use the software.

What other said about our Tutorials:

You are the best teacher I have had, and that includes the ones I take from ‘XXX ‘ as well.  No one else will answer questions like you do.
Mary Evans

I got over exited tonight and purchased all wilcom tutorial from yourself. They were the best investment that I've done and can't wait for your DVD.
Janese Walker

First of all,  I would like to say that you do a great job in the tutorial videos.  I am looking forward to to the release of an entire DVD of your  tutorials!

I've been watching your free tutorials on the Wilcom Embroidery Studio, thank you very much they are most helpful especially as I have traded in my current software and am waiting, not so patiently, for my Wilcom software to arrive.  I am buying in at Level 1 with ES e1.5 but am hoping to be able to upgrade to Level 2 very quickly. 
Tania Kimmins

I found your site and really liked your videos'. Do you have a complete set of videos' on CD that can be purchased? I really enjoyed your style of teaching.
Thank you
Gwen Francesconi

Just a note of thanks for your help with setting the thread colours. It didn't take very long once I realized how to do it, it's easy once you know isn't it, LOL?? Your message gave me a lightbulb moment, it's really appreciated as this was something I have been struggling with for weeks.
Tania in England

I want to thank you for having such awesome free tutorials online, I must admit, I have looked for them for a long time.
Cindy D.
Digitizer for DesignsBySiCK

The video explained it to me and works perfectly

I watched the video and learned at alot about embroidery leather.  Being a sewer I understood all the needle talk but there were some good tips and information about the leather itself, etc
Anyways, I did redraw the design and go the stitches down to 32,000 (much better than 55,000).

Logo Stitch
Osoyoos BC

I’m so glad that you teach the Team Names part of the program. I had tried it once with 2 shirts that had 2 names to stitch in addition to a design. Well this week I got a rush order to do with 33 different team names! I got it all to work fairly well, thanks to your teaching. I think it’s a good thing that I had watched it a couple of times in class! Thanks so much for all that you do.

Did you like the designs I did my first day???????????

GREG has a vast understanding of all the FUNCTIONS/FEATURES/WHENS/WHERES&WHYS of Wilcom embroidery software as well as TRICKS that the software was not even intended to do yet can be done. Thank You for all the help!
Digitizing House

I've watched the video and it's de-mystified why sometimes I cannot get it to work, thank you for the explanations.
Tania in England. 

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